Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions typically last 90 minutes and sessions are held once per week. Prior to joining, members meet with the therapist for a pre-group interview to determine whether the group is a good fit. Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, UCHP, and USHIP insurance policies cover group therapy sessions. For groups that are not a specific number of sessions, the out of pocket fee is $175/month. Below are a list of groups that are currently offered. For more information, click on the title of the group.

Process Oriented Group Therapy

This type of group is excellent for people who want to improve relationships, feel more connected, and get a more accurate sense of how they are perceived and experienced by others. 

In process oriented group therapy, six to nine adult individuals meet weekly to talk about members' concerns. Starting with first impressions and evolving over weeks, months and even years, meaningful and intimate interpersonal relationships develop. Members learn each others' tendencies, defenses, emotions, and ways of relating. In the safety of the therapeutic container, our therapists encourage, support, and challenge group members to share their impressions of one another in the spirit of mutual growth. As the group grows, what unfolds is magnificent - productive conflict, a culture of accountability, unwavering support, and an atmosphere of honest feedback. Although group members often feel uncertain about when and how to share initially, these fears tend to diminish as trust and camaraderie develop

Our process groups tend to run at capacity so we always have a waiting list for new groups, which start once there are a sufficient number of interested participants. Also, new members are admitted to existing groups when current members complete their therapy. When adding a new member to a group, our therapists take good care to notify current members that a new person will be joining. Because group therapy members often need time to feel safe and secure with others, we take good care to prepare the group for new members. 

The best way to learn more or to see about joining a group is to email Josh Singh at who coordinates these groups. Dominique Barnes-Walker, Darnell Motley, and Elena Vertti are also Process Groups facilitators.