Sarah Lim, LPC


Sarah Lim is a compassionate counselor who values, empathizes, and respects the commitment to grow in therapy. Sarah's counseling is grounded in a Humanistic framework, which is based on the belief that individuals already possess the qualities needed to flourish. She believes in helping clients find their individual strengths and abilities to navigate transitions, deal with challenges, achieve goals, and find contentment in who they are. In addition, Sarah brings a solution-focused and strength-based mindset, along with a practice of caring confrontation to help her clients discover internal motivation and maximize their potential.

Sarah joined the Chicago Counseling Services team after working for six years as a counselor at an urban school with a diverse student body. She has also worked as an adjunct professor for graduate students in counseling. Sarah is currently working toward her LCPC license and Ph.D. in Educational Policy at the University of Illinois and researches how to incorporate more social emotional supports within the school systems to help marginalized students. Her work and passions have given her experience in counseling middle school to graduate level students coping with anxiety, depression, grief, suicidal ideation, trauma, abuse, bullying, stress/emotional regulation, behavior management, self-esteem, body image, foster home transitions, physical/mental diagnoses, and healthy relationships with peers, teachers, families, and guardians. She also works with parents and families to support their loved ones through difficult transitions and struggles. 

In addition to her expertise, Sarah is devoted, thoughtful, and loves to celebrate her clients’ progress in their individual journeys.

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