Danielle Keys, LCPC


Danielle Keys is an adaptable and direct clinician who works with children, teens, adults, and families. While her default approach is to provide direct feedback and problem solve with her clients, Danielle is also flexible when a variation is required.

Danielle employs a client-centered approach to therapy, which emphasizes unconditional positive regard, made famous by Carl Rogers. She also uses behavioral approaches that focus on action while bringing a spirit of loving acceptance. Danielle uses both approaches to improve behavior, generate more positive emotions, and to enhance the mind-body connection.

Danielle has experience working with diverse problems including relationship distress, trauma, anger management, life transitions, ADHD, autism, parenting concerns, anxiety, and depression. She also has specialized training with career counseling. In addition, Danielle loves to work with people with disabilities (she is legally blind herself and is open in talking about this), LGBTQ people, and people of color. 

Danielle graduated with her B.A in Psychology and and MS Ed in Clinical Counseling from Northern Illinois University. While there, she also became certified in career counseling and facilitated a career counseling course for NIU students.  While working in outpatient settings, Danielle has enjoyed facilitating a variety of groups including anger management, healthy relationships for girls, Dialectical Behavior Therapy for families, ADHD educational groups, and a Co-occurring autism/mood disorder parent group.

Danielle is a dedicated learner who is enthusiastic about continued growth to develop her clinical skills to best work with clients.

To reach Danielle, call 773-345-8330 x29 or email her at dkeys@chicagocounselingservices.com