Devan Keys


Devan Keys is an intern at Chicago Counseling Services. Devan is an enthusiastic clinician-in training completing her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at DePaul University. She employs a person-centered approach, in which the client’s lived experience is prized over all else. Devan also works from through a multicultural lens, encouraging clients to explore and accept all of their various parts of themselves, whether these parts of straightforward, complex, or even contradictory. She seeks to empower clients to be their most authentic selves.

Devan is primarily interested in working with couples, families, and emerging adults. She enjoys the challenge of helping steer couples and families through their complex relationships with one another and through the myriad of life’s transitions. Devan's passion for working with couples and families was born out of her family research lab experience where she learned about attachment theory between children and parents, as well as the importance of healthy romantic relationships. 

In the past Devan has worked as a peer mentor to incoming undergraduate students, and now serves as a school community organizer for Chicago public schools, by way of the Egan Office at DePaul. In her current role, she works closely with students, families, and local organizations to develop school programming, and provide resources that support academics and promote community engagement.

Besides growing in her therapeutic techniques, Devan is passionate about being a new plant mom, painting, and loves reading the works of the late Toni Morrison.

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